Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making Travel Plans

We have been home for 3 months now. Travel planning has started. Our latest thinking is to get a 6-month return ticket, Raleigh to Shanghai, since we still have some stuff (e.g. clothes, books) to drag back. We'd leave at the end of Oct/beginning of Nov.

Tentative Itinerary

Nov: China: In the south, most likely.

Dec: Burma: We have to return before the masses begin to descend. John wants to go to Myitkyina.

Jan-Feb: India: Can we last 2 months? India is still the most appalling and fascinating country for us.

Mar: Nepal: I don't think I am capable of trekking because of altitude and general fitness. Don't know how long we'll want to spend in Nepal.

Apr: China: Lijiang and Dali in Yunnan, finally?


keith said...

April is a great time to go to Yunnan. I have more info about Lijiang and Dali at

john said...

Thanks for the link Keith!

Anonymous said...

Where will you be in southern China in November? We'll be in Yunan, looks like you won't be there till April, would love to meet you two.

Anonymous said...

We loved Yun Nan, hopping among small village will be the greatest fun. Sure soon Kui and Tony will tell you more as well.