Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Chapati Stand - Mandalay, Myanmar Burma

The Chapati Stand at 27th and 82nd was hoppin' in the early evening when I shot this video. The ladies in the back roll the dough and the two guys in front grill em up and toss them in the basket.

We were waiting for our take away order which is being filled by the guy taking chapatis out of the basket and stuffing them into a plastic bag.

Tasty! We went back the following night for more - this time "sit-down" on the sidewalk.


The Currie Family said...

Talk about timing... I just read an article about a man sneaking into "Suu Kyi" 's home in Yangon a couple of minutes ago. Then, to read that you guys are currently in Myanmar. Sounds like you guys had a few fun/interesting days with the strike in Nepal! Enjoying your blog!!!

john said...

We are actually home now. That video was taken several months ago but I just recently got around to posting it.