Friday, April 09, 2010

Room #204 - The Prince Hotel - Sittwe, Myanmar Burma

Sometimes you stay in a dump when all the other hotels in town that are licensed to take foreigners are full of visiting dignitaries. ;-( However, the owner and staff were friendly, the "included" breakfast was tasty, they brought us a fan and an extra blanket, and were quick to clean up the oily, fishy smelling fluid that suddenly began leaking through the ceiling. ;-)

For 10 US dolllars a night you get room #204 with 1 twin bed and 1 double bed (both with mosquito nets); 2 old wooden chairs; a small metal vanity with a stool, slide-out tray and Bakelite wheels; several in-room clotheslines; a big desk; windows on two sides with screens and curtains; 2 potted plants; one normal sized fluorescent light and one tiny fluorescent light; one red nightlight; a work of art obscured by the mosquito net; a small bookshelf attached to the wall with two books, one of which appears to be selected works of Kurt Vonnegut in Russian; some wall hooks; a 4' x 6' poster of the frozen Arctic wilderness; big bathroom with tile floor, walls, and ceiling, peeling paint everywhere else, and a open shower providing a trickle of cold water [a bucket of hot water comes on demand]; several electrical outlets that may have power from 6PM to 11PM; a very low drop ceiling; and a fake linoleum floor ; that is, more like drawer liner paper than actual linoleum. Overall not too bad until the oily fishy smelling liquid started leaking through the ceiling. Luckily the leak was in the far corner and not over the bed. ;-)

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