Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Back into highlands

After leaving Patagonia, we had three weeks of summer in BsAs, Uruguay, and northwest Argentina. Now we are heading north into the fresco highlands again. The first stop is the tiny town of Cafayate (1600m/5400ft). It is at the center of a wine producing region. There are vineyards all around the town, and bodegas all over the town. The setting is even more scenic than Sonoma, CA.

Even though Cafayate is far away from any major population center, being the middle of Carnival weekend, the town is hopping with tourists. Yet most of the bodegas (wine cellars) are closed for wine tasting, but we managed to get it checked off, and tasted some grapes (on the wine) too.

I then realized what we really needed is to do some drinking and eating with friends and family. So, we are planning a dinner party on Saturday May 21 at our home in Raleigh. I will try out some new foods and drinks we learned from this trip. Mark your calender. Family and friends from out of town are of course welcome. You can stay with us.

The climate gets drier as you head to the wine country around Cafayate.
On the road to Cafayaye, Argentina

We saw a rainbow with vivid colors while walking to one of the vineyards.
Rainbow - Cafayate, Argentina

Beautiful countryside around Cafayate with the vineyards and low mountains.
Vineyard - Cafayate, Argentina

Riding triples and tandems around the town square was very popular with the kids. Here we see the beginning of a shift change.
Shift Change - Cafayate, Argentina

A Triple on the Plaza - Cafayate, Argentina

Could not resist tasting these almost-ready-to-harvest-grapes.
Vineyard - Cafayate, Argentina


Crash Eddy said...

"dinner party on Saturday May 21" Oh, oh, the world travelers thinking that their idyllic journey may come to an end. On our calendar. So is RDU shuttle on May 10. I'm surprised you saw a triple in Argentina when they are so rare in USA.

Susan in Florida said...

Saturday May 21st. How big is the party? I would love to drive up. I can probably stay with Leela.

Susan in Florida said...

Oh...darn...I just went to write it on my calendar and we'll be in Key West May 20th. We really really want to see you. Maybe we can rendezvous somewhere in June or July.

john said...

Susan, A rendezvous is in order!