Monday, December 26, 2011

Shanghai the Big City

While our provincial life in Raleigh NC has its merits, big cities do hold certain attractions for us. The past week we have been reacquainting ourselves with our favorite Art Deco buildings and art venues, and discovering new ones. We were very glad to find that M50, our old favorite art district, is more vibrant than ever. We went to Red Town which came into existence after we left. While it is more mainstream, less avant-garde and experimental than M50, it is still funky. In a sea of commercialism, oasis is a rarity. Also enjoyed meeting "old friends" at the Rockbund Art Museum ad seeing some "old friends" on the streets.

The Saloon Car at Shanghai Sculpture Space in Red Town.
The Saloon Car - Shanghai Sculpture Space - Shanghai, China

Good to see the Graffiti Wall at M50 is still going strong.
Graffiti - M50 - Shanghai, China

Zhang Huan's Q Confucius at the Rockbund Art Museum.
Zhang Huan: Q Confucius  - Rockbund Art Museum - Shanghai, China

And finally couple of old friends, the Royal Asiatic Society building with a renovated facade...
Royal Asiatic Society - Huqui Road - Shanghai, China

... and the Land Bank of China still impressively perched at the corner of Beijing Road and Jiangxi Road.
Land Bank of China -  East Beijing Road - Shanghai, China

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