Friday, December 07, 2012

Flores Lakeside

Flores, a colorful town on a small island on Lago Petén Itzá, is an obligatory stop when visiting Tikal.

Ensconced in the Hotel Santana for a night, we did nothing more than gaze at the lake, stroll over the causeway to St Elena to gather provisions and check out the bus station, and gaze at the lake.

Note to fellow travelers: Although St Elena and the bus terminal have been reported to be seedy and unsafe, we ate lunch there, bought avocados and oranges from a roadside vendor, found a panaderia, and bought a gallon of water from a supermarket. Seemed tranquillo to us.

Flores as seen from St Elena.
Flores, Guatemala

Gazing at the lake.
Flores, Guatemala

Flores, Guatemala

The lake with canoe, pier, and swimmer.
Flores, Guatemala

A Flores back street.
Flores, Guatemala


Crash Eddy said...

When you say colorful, the color appears to be red. In GM view, must be tile roofs.

Anonymous said...

Lovely balcony, only missing a beer and a glass of wine;) but you must be intoxicated by the lake! --wqz

john said...

Ed - Enable "photos" in GM and you'll see color in the other dimensions. ;-)

WQZ - Wrong! The beer and guacamole were already finished when I took the photo of the two of us. ;-)

WQZ said...

Oh no wonder such happy faces!

Sun-Ling said...

WQZ, welcome! You are no longer anonymous :D