Friday, March 07, 2014


Delphi is our last archaeological site in Greece, if not the whole trip.  The site has a very dramatic setting between two giant boulders with mountains and hills around.  This was home of the famous Dephi Oracle, with grand structures to impress pilgrims and monuments erected by grateful believers.

 I am glad that I am visiting Delphi today instead of in its heyday 2500 years ago  -- all the gaudy pomp probably would have nauseated me -- I imagine Las Vegas classical Greek style.  All that superstition - so common and vulgar, unworthy of vanguards of democracy - can still be seen widely around the world today. Delphi's scale is nevertheless extraordinary.

The redeeming part of  Delphi is its theater and stadium used for the Pythian Games, the Ego World Championships of  its day.  They had a whole circuit of games - the original professional athletes.  In some things we have not come very far.

A damp and chilly start at Ancient Delphi.
Ancient Delphi, Greece

The Theater.
Ancient Delphi, Greece

Ancient Delphi, Greece

The Stadium was roped off. No sprinting today.
Ancient Delphi, Greece

The Temple of Apollo housed the famous Oracle of Delphi.
Temple of Apollo - Ancient Delphi, Greece

Temple of Apollo - Ancient Delphi, Greece

The Sphinx of Naxas, now in the site museum, stood atop a 40-foot pedestal near the Temple of Apollo.
Museum - Delphi, Greece


Kathy said...

Pity about the fence - it wasn't there in 2006. I thought Delphi was one of the most atmospheric sites I've visited.

Great photos - love the sphinx, which I didn't get to see.

john said...

Kathy, This was the 3rd ancient stadium of the trip so no big deal for us. Of course the French tour group ignored the ropes and walked right out onto the pitch. ;-)