Monday, March 14, 2016

Disasters #2.5 and #3

If John getting sick was the first disaster of the trip, I was solely responsible for our subsequent misfortunes.  

Back in Erice I slipped on a wet flagstone, landed on my butt, re-straining the inside ligament (MCL) of my left knee which I injured back in January from an exact same fall walking in our neighbor during the ice/snow storm.  This I didn't bother to report since my knee was only a little bit worse off.

 However, three days later, I stepped into a muddy puddle while looking at my Nexus 7, slipped and landed on my butt in the puddle, the Nexus 7 flew out of my hand, cracked against the ground, jolted outside its case.  I was stunned.  John and the sole witness pulled me up out of puddle.  I was relieved to find that I did not re-strain my knee ligament yet again.  I was okay, other than a dime sized scrape on my left elbow, no holes in my clothes, no bruise-able ego any longer.

The Nexus 7 fared much worse, while it didn't completely die, the cracks on the screen made it utterly useless.  If this had happened at home, I'd be so excited by the opportunity of getting a new device, but on the road?! 

My bigger worry is whether I'll be able to complete this trip and go home in one piece.  John has been very sweet, helping ascertain when surfaces are slippery or not, holding onto me extra....  Our adventure  continues, with new apprehensions.


Kathy said...

So sorry to hear about the falls - been there, done that! Is your footwear to blame for slipping? I quit taking Birkenstocks on the road after a couple of falls in Syria.

I feel your pain over the Nexus. Maybe Or shipping to Italy?

Crash Eddy said...

Ouch! One can't be too careful, can one?

Re your tablet, concur with Kathy that has lots of choices but, since I don't know enough about the device, too many choices to unravel.

Sun-Ling said...

Thanks for all the concerns, ideas, and encouraging words. I'm trying to see if we can live with only John's Android phone, and for me to focus on walking without distractions.

WQZ said...

Sorry for your pain. Hope you're done with all the desasters of this trip.