Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Unimpressed with Pamplona

Pamplona is famous for The Running of the Bulls San Fermin, which was made famous by Hemingway. I did not let either count hold us from visiting Pamplona.

We arrived on a Sunday evening. The streets are reasonably lively, but what got our attention was the trash in the streets. We both told ourselves that it will magically disappear in the morning. Much to our surprise and disappointment, it didn't, unlike any other city we have been in Spain! We always thought the Spaniards are overzealous with street cleaning, for which we adore them.

Another odd thing we noticed in Pamplona is that we were always looking over our shoulders for cars. They do seem to control vehicle traffic but there is always the chance of the odd car looming.

Much of the old town, save for the Plaza Mayor, seemed shabby and cheerless, though there is much refurbishing going on. It is unlike other Spanish squares; its large size and the numerous distinct facades are more reminiscent of main squares in Central Europe.

Pamplona is a major city on the main Camino. There are quite a few visitors in town, touring and walking the Camino (which I am beginning to think as a phenomena). I wonder what they think of Pamplona....

As seen from the bus window on the way from Jaca to Pamplona.
On the bus to Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona City Hall at night.
Pamplona, Spain

We walk the route of the famous "running of the bulls", starting with the corral.
Pamplona, Spain

The route is of course well marked.
Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona, Spain

And ends at the Bull Ring.
Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona, Spain

We spot a gorgeous Art Deco building.
Pamplona, Spain

And some other scenes from around town.
Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona, Spain


Kathy said...

Sorry you're not enjoying Pamplona, I really liked it. I enjoyed the square, which had free benches instead of requiring you to buy something at a cafe, like Salamanca, and there was no shortage of interesting buildings.

Of course, there wasn't a lot of trash when I was there.

john said...

Kathy, I liked Pamplona more than Sun-Ling; and like you we sat on the benches in the square (with some snacks); and the mid-20th-century architecture kept our necks spinning.