Thursday, February 14, 2008

We are paying for CNY

Knowing that Chinese New Year would be a busy season for Chinese to
travel, we stayed in Shanghai for the past two CNY's, and enjoyed the
tranquility during the exodus. It did not occur to us that CNY travel
woes would catch us in the back waters of northern Laos. We spent the
first five days of the New Year in Vang Vieng which was once a small
farming village. It seemed like Kao San Road in the mountains by the
river. We met a guy there who got a week off for CNY from his
English-teaching job in Malaysia! Not to mention all the people who
have driven in cars from China! We arrived in Luang Prabang on the
12th and that found rooms are tight and prices high.


SKS said...

It seems CNY == you have to travel as far as possible :-)

Kathy said...

VV seemed like a min-KSR when i was there in 2002 - although without the cars from China. Independent travelers floating down river wearing bikinis and swigging beer...