Wednesday, June 04, 2008


We are back in Raleigh, after uneventful flights last Friday from Shanghai to Atlanta to Raleigh. A million things can go wrong when you have a taxi ride to the airport, multiple bags packed to the weight limit (2 of which are marked fragile), veggie meals, customs to clear, connecting flights, and a rental car to pick up; but "smooth" was the word of the day.

This week we are busy fighting jet lag, buying a car, doing our taxes, stocking the fridge, unpacking, rearranging the furniture, fighting jet lag (did I repeat myself?), sorting through 14 months of unread mail, and getting hooked up to the Internet.

Thanks to our wonderful neighbors Karen & Dave and Tony & Kui for looking after our house.

Thanks for reading the blog and leaving comments and sending emails.

We will be home for the summer, so stop on by or give us a call.

Also, look for more photos of our trip on flickr, and more trip reports here on meckleyearth.

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Dayle said...

Welcome home! I've enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to meeting up with you once you're settled --and before you take off on another adventure!!!