Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back in Shanghai

We arrrived safely back in Shanghai on May 12 at 2:54 PM, less than 30 minutes after the earthquake hit Sichuan Province. Although tall buildings swayed in Shanghai, we felt nothing on the train.


Dayle said...

Thank you for your update. I'm happy to hear you arrived safely! --Dayle

Made in China said...

My daughter was adopted from Guizhou last summer. She was brought to us in Guiyang so we never got to visit the places she came from. She was born in Rongjiang but in foster care in Kaili. You have no idea how much your pictures mean to me. Thank you.


john said...

Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment.
Did you also see the Guizhou photos we have on flickr? Most are from the area of Kaili to Rongjiang.
By the way, the people of Rongjiang city and the surrounding villages are very friendly.

Anonymous said...

John, thanks for the link. i really enjoy those photos. i wonder if those remote areas will be mordenized too quickly before i have a chance to see it the way it has been for a long time.