Saturday, December 06, 2008


We are in Dali, a so-called backpackers town in Yunnan Province; a town without heat; a town without a bus station. No heat even though winter nighttime temps get down to just above freezing because the locals are tough and since there is also no need for cooling in the summer at 2000 meters elevation, there is no sense that climate control indoors would loved by visitors. No bus station so the local travel agents can make hefty profits selling the tickets directly to travelers at much higher prices.

But we liked Dali anyway. Rented 2 bikes for the day for 15 RMB, just less than 2 USD. Had an awesome mushroom pizza today, and an awesome local hotpot last night. Bought a few souvenirs at reasonable prices, and rode the local bus yesterday to a bustling Market Day in Yousou, a Yi minority village just 45 kms from Dali.

I'm still behind on photos.

For Hunan photos click here.

For Guizhou photos click here.

And I've been keeping the Google Map updated. The red pushpin is our current location.


Cathy said...

I am enjoying the push pin map!

I hope they had warm blankets for sleeping:)

Where will you be for Christmas?

john said...

I am also enjoying working on the map. Travelers love maps!

The hotels and guesthouses here have electric heating pads about 2 ft x 4 ft that go between the mattress and the bottom sheet. With a comforter on top of you and heating pad below, you can get quite toasty; however, getting out of bed and into the freezing room is no fun.

We will be in Myanmar (Burma) for Christmas. Not sure exactly which city.

Anonymous said...

love your Guizhou pictures. people looked happy. did you have communication problem on the ancient pathway? most people speak mandarin even in remote areas? -WQ