Saturday, December 13, 2008


We bought an MSI Wind U100 netbook/notebook computer last summer to augment our Nokia N800. Both are traveling with us on this trip. A friend just asked how the MSI was holding up and I reported that it is an awesome, durable machine. The Intel Atom 1.6 GHz chip is a workhorse and can handle 10+ Firefox sessions plus additional applications and processes with no problem. The onboard SD card reader makes uploading photos very easy - we left our multi-card reader at home. The built-in camera is great with Skype; however, the speakers are crap. Oh well. We opted for the Love Edition with the 3-cell battery which has worked fine for us. Lighter is better.

Overall the MSI Wind is awesome and we occasionally squabble over typing time as we have been able to find a hotel room with heat, hot water,and internet in almost every place we have stayed so far in China. We mainly use it for trip research(attractions, hotels, train schedules,etc.), checking the weather, keeping up with news and emails, storing photos, and blogging.

We also bought a GPS puck to use with the N800. That has turned out to be very cool. Know your altitude.

Here is a photo of Sun-Lin using the MSI in Kunming.
MSI Wind U100 in action

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