Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mumbai Photos

One of the things we liked about Mumbai (Bombay) was the amazing amount of Art Deco and Art Moderne buildings within easy walking distance of our hotel.

On returning home, I checked out these books from the library - gotta love the Wake County InterLibrary Loan program - which I've been pouring over to help identify the buildings in my hundreds of photos.
Bombay Art Deco Architecture, by Navin Ramani
A Concise History of Modern Architecture in India,by Jon T. Lang
Buildings that shaped Bombay, Edited by Kamu Iyer
It has also been quite a learning experience for me regarding modern Indian architecture and architects, and modern architecture in general. Jon Lang's book is particularly interesting and is searchable on Google Books - click link above.

I'm almost finished with the Mumbai photos. Then it's on to Kolkata. Then back to the "Shanghai to Yangon" trip report. Whoa!

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From_China said...

Thanks for the picture of Lady Dufferin Victoria Hospital. My mother and two sisters flew out of China Christmas Eve 1944, and I was born there 11 days later.