Thursday, August 27, 2009

Various updates

I've finished uploading the Indian Modern Architecture photos to flickr.
Last month Sun-Ling And I took a trip to Western Virginia and West Virginia, visiting my brother's family in Sutton WV, my old high school buddy Tony and his family in Athens WV, and biking the New River Rail Trail near Galax VA.

Sun-Ling on the New River Trail
New River Trail near Fries, VA

Spent last weekend at the beach with friends and Hurricane Bill. On Thursday I rescued a young boy from the rip currents. The sea was angry that day my friends. Well, it wasn't much of a rescue. I was standing in water up to my waist, jumping the waves in the pounding Outer Banks surf when I heard a boy crying for help. He was really "in over his head" in the raging waters clutching his boggie board. I was just a few steps away so I plucked him out and put him back on the beach in the arms of his mother.

Here's a photo from Saturday. The red flags were up and even the surfers were not in the water.

We are thinking about traveling to Egypt next Spring. Any tips?

That's all for now.


Kathy said...

I did a standard Egypt tour with Gate1 back in Dec. 2000 - you'll likely want to be more adventurous! (Although the guide was good.)

Some random thoughts:
-Cairo museum - musty, noisy and in dire need of renovation, but fab artifacts
- Don't miss the Coptic section of Cairo
- I found the pyramids disappointing....
- Try to make it to Abu Simbel
- The Temple to Isis was my favorite, but I got sick in Luxor and missed the Valley of the Kings
- If I were going back I'd aim to spend some time in the desert and maybe the Sinai peninsula
- I'm hoping to visit Aqaba on my upcoming trip - I'll let you know whether I figure the Red Sea is worth a detour

john said...

Thanks Kathy!