Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Hiking Banos

We did a couple of epic, all day, hikes from Banos. Yesterday on the north side of the Rio Pastaza with almost 1000 meters of elevation gain and great views down to the city of Banos and across to Volcano Tungurahua.

And today on the south side of the river, up the cliffs that surround Banos, with great views back to yesterday's trails, and an occasional glimpse of Tungurahua through the clouds.

Today's hike just about wiped us out on the steep, rocky 2-hour descent. However, yesterday's hike featured graded dirt roads most of the way and a farmer couple who gave us each a couple of granadillas.

Two views of Banos from opposite sides of the valley. The first from today, the second from yesterday. By chance, the two photos point towards each other.



It was cold at the highest point of yesterday's walk. We pulled out our rain jackets.



Almost down to the bottom of the valley on yesterday's hike with Tungurahua looming overhead.

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