Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saquisilí market is worth the effort

The Thursday market in Saquisilí is supposed to be the most economically significant in all of Ecuador. We had to do some juggling and backtracking in our schedule in order to catch it this Thursday.

Markets are spread out all through town, but our guidebooks failed to provide any maps. After a 20-minute bus ride from Latacunga, our bus dropped us off at one of the markets. We had to find our own way to the highlight, the large animal market. Half way along we realized that we were following a lady with her sheep to the market. It took us a another a few seconds to recognize a close-look-at just took place when the sheep was picked up off the ground. Then we heard numbers going back and forth. The lady held her price firm at $50. Before she even got to the market, the lady had her $50.

We proceed to look at all the different animals. There were so many pigs, they had to be organized to have the big ones at one end and babies at the other. The Alpacas were the most exotic animals for us.

There were so much commerce, it was infectious. We proceeded to sample snacks, sit down at food stalls, and make fruit and vegetable purchases.

We returned to Latacunga with our appetite for local markets satisfied for now.

Guarding the newly purchased sheep.


Fava beans.


We bought a few very tasty llapingachos (potato patties stuffed with cheese) from this lady. Other folks were buying bags full.


Fruit Vendor.

John digs into a bowl of potatoes, rice, red beets, onions, and cabbage topped with a spicy picante.



Susan in Florida said...

I see John sitting at a table with other folks. Are you talking to the local folks? In an earlier post I believe that Sun Ling said that people understand her when she speaks Spanish but they talk too fast when they answer her.

I'm really enjoying my travels with you. THANK YOU for keeping this blog.

john said...


Sun-Ling was not sitting as she was not hungry and did not want to take up the lady's table space - she only has that one table.

In my opinion, SL's Spanish is getting better as the weeks go by. She "gets" most of the replies in a hotel or restaurant or bus station no matter the speed.

Thanks for the comment!