Monday, April 04, 2011

Breathing in La Paz

La Paz is a very special place. It is the highest capital in the world. The city is like a gravy bowl that has overflowed the rim. Nowadays half of the city is at 4000m on the plane. We are staying at an older part of the city on the side of the bowl. Our room measures in at 3734m(12250ft). Every outing is an adventure in ascending and descending. The good thing is that there is MUCH street life to look at. John's conclusion is that whole city is one big market; at least in the atmospheric indigenous squares that we mostly move around in.

This is our third day in La Paz. I can just see myself going through the acclimatization process. Each day I breath easier and my head hurts less; each night sleep is less restless. My hypochondriac self no longer wonders that I may not wake up from my sleep on night.

La Paz - The Downtown - from Killi Killi Mirador.
La Paz, Bolivia from Killi-Killi

La Paz - The Stadium - from Killi Killi Mirador.
La Paz, Bolivia

Looking down the Graneros Street Mercado.
Graneros Mercado - La Paz, Bolivia

Calle Zolilo Flores becomes a market on Saturday with temporary shops as far as the eye can see.
Mercado on Zolilo Flores - La Paz, Bolivia

Setting up the shoe shop.
Mercado - La Paz, Bolivia

Sun-Ling bargaining at a market stall.
Shopping - La Paz, Bolivia

And a tasty lunch at Namaste vegetarian restaurant.
Lunch at Namaste Vegetarian Restaurant - La Paz, Bolivia

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