Friday, April 15, 2011

Curious Sorata

From Chulumani we returned to La Paz to spend my birthday in luxury (internet), comfort (gas-heated hot water) and access to restaurant food (vegetarian). The next day we left for Sorata, another village set in green hills, this time to the northwest of La Paz.

Sorata is a curious place. While most places we have been in Bolivia seem to be prospering, Sorata seems to have declined from various peaks. The small village has many fine late 19th/early 20th century buildings that are in various stages in decay. The over half dozen expat-owned/run business have all disappeared. Yet the for-the-gringo restaurants around the square consistently produce very tasty veggie burgers and Mexican food?!

Since we had bad luck finding a satisfactory room, we spent only one day walking around, 26km round-trip with very awesome views.

A crumbling back street in Sorata.
Sorata, Bolivia

The Sorata Church.
Church - Sorata, Bolivia

Veggie Burger at Ristoronte Italiano on the plaza in Sorata.
Veggie Burger and Fries - Sorata, Bolivia

Near Sorata.
near Sorata, Bolivia

Looking back to Sorata in color and ala Ansel Adams.
Sorata, Bolivia

Sorata, Bolivia


Cathy said...

Hope you had a great birthday Sun Ling:) Can't wait to see you two!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Althought it is too late for you, I'm very busy these days.

Copacabana? is there a song about this?

Talk to u soon when u back home!


Sun-Ling said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I sorta feel out-of-the-loop with family and friends. It has been such a long time. Lots of catching up to do when we get back!

Susan in Florida said...

Belated happy birthday.