Thursday, May 05, 2011

Dinner party May 21st - UPDATED with photo

Back in Argentina we realized what we really needed is to do some drinking and eating with friends and family when we get back home. So,we are planning a dinner party on Saturday May 21 at our home in Raleigh. I will try out some new foods and drinks we learned from this trip.  I want to get started on menu planning. If we do not already know you are coming, please let us know. All future communications on this will be moved to email.

We are looking forward to lots of catching up!

At the airport pickup in Roanoke, Virgina.
Back Home

The Dinner Table - May 21, 2011
Welcome Home Dinner - Raleigh, NC USA


Kathy said...

Welcome back - to the U.S at least! Are you home yet? We've laid on some spring weather for you.

rachel said...

Welcome back. We are looking forward to seeing you and John.

Camille can walk now. She is no longer a little baby. :)

john said...

Thanks! We are home...and busy.

Susan in Florida said...

WOW! What a trip! I sooooooo much enjoyed the commentary and photos. They were awesome! There are certainly many award winning photos.
Tonight is your dinner.....I am sorry that we're going to miss it...but we look foward to a visit in the near future.

john said...


Thanks much for your support for this blog. Wish you could have come to the dinner. Hope to see you soon.

-john and sun-ling

Susan in Florida said... too...

Susan in Florida said...

Leela left Saturday to spend a week in Chili. She was thrilled that she packed everything into one backpack. I told her y'all packed everything into one backpack on a nine month journey. BUT from this photo, I see that it was more like one back pack and one front pack. It is so awesome. We MUST get together. Leela is having her kitchen redone. I want to make it up to NC in the fall sometime. Are y'all spending Thanksgiving weekend with family?

Susan in Florida said...

oops...that was supposed to be Chile ...she didn't leave for a bowl of soup. :-)