Thursday, May 05, 2011

Savoring Lima Centro

Downtown Lima is supposed to be an unsavory place. When we came through in December, we based ourselves in the fashionable Miraflores district, but found Centro to be more of our liking, so we are staying in Centro this time, which turned out to be an excellent idea.

Downtown Lima is humming with activities and people. Being at the end of our travels, we are taking it easy, popping into churches whenever their doors are open, a bit of shopping here and there, sampling the numerous vegetarian restaurants. Friday night there was a free outdoor concert by the National Youth Symphony orchestra. Saturday the city sponsors a series of events at one of the parks; the Literature Museum shows a free art-house movie. All week there was a book fair in front of the Government Palace.

Peru has exceeded our expectations. For a developing country, Peru feels very sophisticated. In spite of the high tourist volume, we found the people very genial. They are polite, helpful, and hardworking, more so than their neighbors. Not to mention that every bus ride is amazingly scenic. We are already plotting the route for our next visit to Peru.

Symphony Rehearsal in front of the Cathedral on Plaza de Armas.
Symphony Rehearsal - Lima, Peru

Lunch at Marvalous affinity Vegetarin Restaurant - Carabaya 715 - Lima, Peru
Vegetarian Restaurant - Carabaya 715 - Lima, Peru

The old downtown train station is now a Library and Museum. This is the indoor reading room.
Old Train Station - Lima, Peru

Concert - Parque de La Muralla.
Concert - Parque de La Muralla - Lima, Peru

Iglesia de San Francisco - Lima Centro.
Iglesia de San Francisco - Lima, Peru

A book fair in front of the Government Palace in Lima.
Government Palace of Peru - Lima, Peru

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