Sunday, February 26, 2012


After a quick no-hassle bus ride from Lincang to Fengqing, if you ignore the clouds of cigarette smoke, it took an hour to find a decent hotel. Bonus: the nearby clock tower chimes The East Is Red every morning at 7:00.

Once installed, we set out to buy onward bus tickets and to visit the Taoist Temple, Mosque and Confucius Temple.

The Taoist Temple was uninspiring although it did feature a couple of nuns (I think).

The deserted Mosque surprised us with its domes and graceful lines.

And the Confucius Temple, with its 3 gates, flowers, pool, and four pavilions easily surpassed our expectations. Not to mention the helpful administrator who gave us some good information on hiking the Tea Horse Trail in Lushi, his hometown.

Nun at the Taoist Temple.,
Nun - Taoist TempleConfucius Temple - Fengqing, Yunnan, China

The Confucius Temple is on a hill with the gates at the bottom and successive pavilions going up the hill.
Confucius Temple - Fengqing, Yunnan, China

Pavilion with a statue of the man himself.
Confucius Temple - Fengqing, Yunnan, China

The Observatory at the top of the hill.
Confucius Temple - Fengqing, Yunnan, China

The Mosque.
Mosque - Fengqing, Yunnan, China

And a modernist doorway in the Old Town.
Old Town - Fengqing, Yunnan, China


Crash Eddy said...

(Duplicating Skype) Man, you've been busy bees! Don't see how you have time to document your bus rides and hikes. Beautiful photography as usual.

john said...

Thanks Ed!