Friday, February 10, 2012

Kunming Revisited

Our last visit to Kunming was just over 3 years ago. The city center - the area around the pedestrian malls - now seems to be one big shiny new shopping mall complete with a Carrefour; however, the blind masseurs are still out in force under the shadow of the New Era Hotel, and the Old Mosque is a quiet oasis nearby.

This time we stayed near the old bird and flower market. The area is called Old Street and the newly renovated historic buildings are in progress of being absorbed into or surrounded by the shopping malls. At least they will not all be flattened.

We spent a whole day checking out the last of the older 20th century buildings still standing within walking distance of our hotel, often having to navigate our way around construction of the new subway. Check out the photos below.

The curvy Sister Buildings on Guanghua Jie are very cool. I took more than one photo of course. ;-)

Sister Buildings - Guanghua Jie - Kunming, China

Sister Buildings - Guanghua Jie - Kunming, China

The Yunnan Provincial Museum with its Soviet-style "wedding cake" architecture.

The old YMCA has been rennovated and is now a cafe and club.

A former family mansion built in 1936 is now part of the Huarong Mansion Hotel. Love the flagpole.
Mansion - Kunming, China

Some restored buildings in the Old Quarter with a famous fast food joint across the street.

And a visit to Kunming would not be complete without a tub of spicy fried potatoes.


Crash Eddy said...

John, photos are marked private, can't access them. I want to zoom the curvy panorama.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Great shots. I realize the photographer has a lot to do with it but it still makes me want a better camera. Would it be OK to ask what kind of camera you use?

john said...

Susan, We use a Panasonic DMC-LX3. Hows the new camera workin out?