Monday, April 02, 2012

Gongjing - Sister City

The Gong in Gongjing is the same Gong in Zigong as the cities of Gonging and Ziliujing were combined in 1939. So after day-tripping to places outside of town for 4 days in a row, we finally rode the city buses over to Gongjing on consecutive days to see the sights.

Basically it's the same story as the previous days: salt wells, waterways, guild halls, old buildings, bridges, and the Old Road, but with enough difference to not be a waste of time. And Gongjing is much less urban than Zigong. One can walk to Aiye Village and back along the Fuxi river, enjoying the dams and sluices, fisherman, and rural scenes.

Fuxi River with dam at left and salt well at right.

Fuxi River.
Gongjing, Sichuan, China

The old wharf in Aiye is impressively "well worn".
Old Wharf - DaMoTou - Aiye, Sichuan, China

The riverwalk between Gongjing and Aiye.
Riverwalk btw Aiye and Gongjing, Sichuan, China

It's possible to make out the dam (actually behind the field of vision in this photo), sluices, and locks from the bridge in Aiye. There were once 17 sets of such "waterworks" on the Fuxi River to facilitate the movement of salt.
Aiye, Sichuan, China

Guangdong Guild hall - Gongjing.
Gongjing, Sichuan, China

Guizhou Guild Hall - Gongjing.
Gongjing, Sichuan, China

Old Post Office - Gongjing.
Gongjing, Sichuan, China

This old well is no longer producing salt brine, but is producing natural gas.
Gongjing, Sichuan, China

This derrick is huge and now produces natural gas - check out the meter.
Gongjing, Sichuan, China
Salt Well Derrick - Gongjing, Sichuan, China

The old road from Changtu to Aiye
Gongjing, Sichuan, China

Great lines of the Post Office in Aiye.
Post Office - Aiye, Sichuan, China

A section of the Old Road with worn sandstone blocks that's right in downtown Gongjing.
Gongjing, Sichuan, China

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