Saturday, April 28, 2012


Finally, we got around to Yosemite. Being in Patagonia last year really prompted us to start checking off the popular national parks in this country. Our visit to Yosemite was a little unusual, in that it was punctuated with high and low lights, instead of our normal even pace.

  • Glacier Point Road opened three days before our arrival, one of the earliest in history.  It is unlike us to have such luck. 
  • We left the park a day earlier than planned due to rain, forsaking the Upper Yosemite Falls trail.
  • Due to thigh-deep snow, we had to scale back our Sentinel Dome area hiking ambition.  The trails were completely buried in snow and the park does not seem to subscribe to trail blazes.  We trudged over much snow, cross-country.  The 360-degree view from the dome was well worth the effort.
  • The second evening at the Bridalveil Fall pullover, we were one-inch (literally and exactly) from being in a car accident.  An SUV from the far lane yanking a sedan in the near lane towards the parking spot in front our car, missing our car by one inch.  No one was hurt, but imagine the hassle... I had never been so relieved in my life.
  • We had expected to get a little wet on the Mist Trail.  Instead, on the way down we looked like we had walked through a waterfall rather than by a waterfall.
  • We squeezed in a peak at the wild flowers at the little known but highly rated Hite Cove.  Knowing there are supposed to be 60 some species, I was still awed by the variety.  Nature is amazing.
  • And we saw a bear! Near the Mist Trail trailhead, therefore semi-habituated. But still very exciting!
The park was every bit scenic as we expected, though the ratio of pullover vistas to day hikes is a little high to our taste.

Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake - Yosemite National Park - California

Heading up Sentinel Dome with Yosemite Falls over Sun-Ling's right shoulder.
Sentinel Dome - Yosemite National Park - California

View from Sentinel Dome with Half Dome and Nevada Fall in the distance.
Sentinel Dome - Yosemite National Park - California

Northern end of Yosemite Valley as seen from Glacier Point.
Yosemite National Park - California

On the Illilouette Falls Trail.
Yosemite National Park - California

Yosemite Valley with El Capitan at left, Half Dome way back in the middle, and Bridalveil Fall at right.
Yosemite Valley - Yosemite National Park - California

Bridalveil Fall at sunset.
Bridalveil Fall - Yosemite National Park - California

Lavender - Hite Cove.
Wildflowers - Hite Cove Trail

Some variety of Echeveria Succulent.
Wildflowers - Hite Cove Trail

Wildflowers - Hite Cove Trail


Susan in Florida said...

Awesome photos!

john said...

Thanks Susan!

Crash Eddy said...

With a 360 view from Sentinel Dome, did you photograph a 360 panorama?

john said...

Crash, No 360 degree pano. The top of the dome is big with a small slope, thus a 360 pano would mostly show the top of the dome itself, not the "view"....I did a smaller pano but am not pleased with result.

Anonymous said...

Hi John and Sunling! This is Tess from Winn-Dixie. I apologize for not keeping up with your adventures. I just found out you're back Stateside! Last I checked you were in Burma.

john said...

Hi Tess! Good to hear from you! We are headed to Mexico in a few months. Stay tuned as we start up the blogging again!