Saturday, November 08, 2008

Things work out

Travel is the ultimate metaphor for life where the lessons are learned on an accelerated schedule. The most valuable lesson for me is that things always work out, only if I can overcome my nature to worry.

Before starting on our 6-month journey, we had a China-India-Myanmar visa relay. Unfortunately Hurricane Ike kept our passports in Houston for an extra 10 days. And after many desperate phone calls, hypothetical what-if's, and restless nights, we finally got back our passports back from the Myanmar Embassy 17 hours before we had to leave for the airport,

At the same time this global financial crisis is very unsettling for me. I have to remind myself, things work out.


nutuba said...

Good points about travel and life ... I suppose it's partly because when we travel we're focused on the essentials -- shelter, food, transportation, and relationships -- and if anything goes wrong logistics-wise (losing a ticket, expensive meals, illness on the trip, even a flat tire...) it can really put a damper on things. That happens in "real life" too ... but when we're in our own element it seems much easier to be able to handle stressful situations than it does when we're on the road, maybe because we can seek respite in the comfort of our own homes with our own food and our own music and our own environment ...

Anonymous said...

sunling, i like your title, and things will work out. enjoy your travel.