Friday, November 21, 2008

Where are they now?

We will try to keep this Google Map up-to-date with our current position as the red placemark...Comments and suggestions on how to improve the map are most welcome.

Click on a line or pushpin in the map below to explore.

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nutuba said...

Hey y'all, this is really cool being able to follow you on the map! Looking forward to hearing about more adventures (especially interested in sites, foods, and anything else that you experience that might be different than what you'd experience on a similar trip here in the U.S.). :-)

Have fun!


Fast Eddy said...

Refine that instruction to inform click pushpins and blue lines. This documenting the Skype Chat we're having this morning (for me, evening for you).

john said...

Thanks Joel and Ed for your encouragement and comments.

Anonymous said...

john, i clicked on the shanghai to ningbi blue line. how did your bus cross the ocean?

Anonymous said...

glad you're in china, not India yet. i was thinking about you the last few days after the bombing in Mumbai. i thought you were going to napal and indian right away. may you have a safe and happy trip and see you next summer.-WQ