Saturday, November 01, 2008


Due to a bout with the flu, early voting, several rounds of out-of-town guests, visa anxieties, and general procrastination, I obviously did not complete my Myanmar postings as planned.

Several folks recently asked me about the route of the new Delta Airlines Shanghai/Atlanta flight. We took that flight - Shanghai to Atlanta - in May but I did not pay attention to the route. Yesterday we flew from Atlanta to Shanghai and I was paying attention to the onboard "moving map". Roughly,we headed north from Atlanta, crossed Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Canada's Northwest Territories, and then passed just north of Pruhdoe, Alaska before heading down through eastern Russia then in to China at Manchuria, passing west of Shenyang and over Beijing, and finally south east to Shanghai. The route in China stays way clear of North and South Korea.

The flight time for the Shanghai to Atlanta leg was about 16 hours - Sun-Ling watched 7 movies - and we arrived at Sun-Ling's parent's house in Shanghai roughly 23 hours after waking up at 4:00 AM in Raleigh. Not bad for traveling halfway around the world.

FYI: We both got one-year multiple entry Chinese visas.


Cathy said...

Glad to hear the trip was uneventful!! Have fun:)


nutuba said...

I'm enjoying your travelogue and pictures ... keep up the great posts!

john said...

Thanks Joel!