Thursday, December 23, 2010

The spectacular Cordillera Blanca

We are hitting the Cordillera Blanca in the raining season and had to make it a short visit, but everything about it was very scenic: the bus ride in through the Cañon del Pato, the day hike up the Cerro San Juan and beyond, the visit to the glacier lakes of Llanganuco, and bus ride out through the cordillera. Raining season means high cloud coverage, i.e. hidden peaks. However, when there is some clearing, all the peaks have snow. The weather forecast would include snow line, e.g. 4200m.

It´s faster to ride a burro up Cerro San Juan, but we prefer our own two feet.
Caraz, Peru

A brief glimpse of a snow-capped peak.
Cordillera Blanca - Caraz, Peru

Sun-Ling recovers from a close encounter with a cactus on the way up Cerro San Juan.Callejón de Huaylas - Caraz, Peru

Looking down on to the city of Caraz and Huaylas Canyon where we started the day´s hike.
Callejón de Huaylas - Caraz, Peru

Going up beyond Cerro San Juan, we were surprised to see the mountain flatten with farms, fields, and a small village.
Cordillera Blanca - Caraz, Peru

Now we are beyond and out of sight of Cerro San Juan and Caraz. Below is the small village. And we´re still headed up.
Callejón de Huaylas - Caraz, Peru

We turn around here, after a tasty lunch, with a peak at the narrow entrance to Canyon Paron in the distance.
Cordillera Blanca - Caraz, Peru

And the wind began to howl on the way down, with some rain, but I stopped to take one last photo.
Cordillera Blanca - Caraz, Peru

The next day we take a day trip to Yungay and the LLanganuco region.

Into the canyon and on to the natural, glacier-fed lakes of LLanganuco in Huascaran National Park.
Huascarán National Park - Peru

Lake Chinancocha.
Lake Chinancocha - Huascarán National Park - Peru

Walking around the shore of Lake Chinancocha.
Lake Chinancocha - Huascarán National Park - Peru

Looking back down Lake Chinancocha to its natural dam.
Lake Chinancocha - Huascarán National Park - Peru

Looking back from the second lake, Lake Orconcocha, to Lake Chinancocha in the distance.
Lake Orconcocha (front), Lake Chinancocha (back) - Huascaran National Park - Peru

Leaving Caraz and the Cordillera Blanca for Lima, there were still plenty of great views of snow-capped mountains, green valleys, and natural lakes out the bus window.
Cordillera Blanca - Peru


And finally, to see all the photos of the trip in and out of the Cordillera Blanca, click here.

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Love these pictiures.How many miles did you walk.