Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Earthquake: it really happened!

When I was trip planning last summer and getting all worked up about armed robberies, John tried to calm me in his own way, "why aren't you worried about earthquakes?"

When the magnitude 7.1 earthquake centered at Temuco happened last Sunday, we were on the bus, hundreds of miles away, and clueless. But this evening I was sitting down at the computer when our room here in La Serena started shaking like a really really big truck driving by, I knew it was an earthquake. However John was scrubbing himself vigorously in the shower, did not feel a thing. Now he is really bummed that he missed yet another earthquake. Later we learned from the news, the epicenter of the 5.9 magnitude earthquake was less than 100 kilometers away.

There have been promises of activities ever since we entered Chile. No wonder the poor boy is disappointed.

With signage like this, one would think that tsunamis should occur fairly often, but no luck so far.
ESCAPE! - Arica, Chile


Cathy said...

In your excitement, please be safe:)

Anonymous said...

we just watched a nova program about earthquakes and sunamis last week. it's refreshing to read your story. i've nevered heard anyone so happily excited about earthquake:)