Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New territory

We have been traveling south for almost four months in the tropics, Iquique, Chile, being our last stop. Iquique, at 20-degrees south latitude, was a mere 2 degrees to the north of the sun on January 2nd; the closest on this trip so far. The nearly shadowless midday intrigued us (see photo below).

From Iquique we took a 19-hour overnight bus to La Serena (30-degree south). The sun is now to the north and we have left the tropics. While we should feel right at home outside the tropics, I suspect having the sun to the north might be disorienting.

No wells around, so this numbered parking place will have to do. The photo features Sun-Ling with round hat and backpack.
Not a well, but close - Iquique, Chile

Iquique is known for it's beaches; Playa Cavancha is the most famous. This shot is from Saturday, January 1, 2011.
Playa Cavancha - Iquique, Chile

Iquique has some interesting architecture, the Central Market for example.
Market Building - Iquique, Chile

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Crash Eddy said...

Good buy on the shade hat, S-L, shadow just about covers the paint.

Searched the Playa Cavancha pheto carefully but don't find you two up to your ankles in the surf.