Saturday, January 22, 2011

You get what you wish for

We left Talca in a hurry as we thought it was too hot to do anything. After an 8-hour bus ride we landed in Valdivia, cold and rainy. It rained everyday expect for one and on that one sunny day we made a day trip to the nearby port towns of Niebla, Corral, and Amargos. These towns are great for touring: several old forts, working fishing fleets (rowboats and sailboats), ferry rides, great views of the mouth of the Valdivia River and the Pacific Ocean, and a giant pile of wood chips.

I continue to be unimpressed with Chile so we decided to go over to the Argentine Lake District for a few days. Since this is a new plan, I will be spending more time trip planning than blogging. Part of the reason that I find Chile underwhelming is that it is not exotic. Especially this part of the country seems very similar to home. It is about the same latitude south. The vegetation, landscape, and culture seem familiar, unlike Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Fish Market - Valdivia, Chile.
Fish Market - Valdivia, Chile

Had a couple of tasty pints at Kunstmann Brewery, just outside Valdivia. That's the Unfiltered Lager on the left and the Torobayo Ale on the right. Although John usually prefers ales, the Unfiltered Lager was declared the winner on this day.
Kunstman Brewery - Valdivia, Chile

The harbor at Amargos, Chile with fishing fleet at center and giant wood chip pile at right.
Harbor - Amargos, Chile

Castillo de San Luís de Alba de Amargos - Amargos, Chile. Very cool.
Castillo de San Luís de Alba de Amargos - Amargos, Chile

View to the Pacific from the Amargos Fort.
View to the Pacific Ocean - Amargos, Chile

The ferry arrives at the Corral dock.
Dock - Corral, Chile

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Crash Eddy said...

Valdivia, eh? Thanks for including that link although you cost me about two surfing hours. I didn't even know what B.P. is but I learned Before Present. I learned how wide the Bering Strait land bridge was, 1000 miles. Your travels provide a wonderful educational opportunity for those you left behind.