Friday, January 20, 2012

Rainy Keelung (Updated w/more pics)

Encouraged by the good weather in Taroko, we decided to brave Keelung, the rainiest city on the island, since the weather forecast looked more favorable than it had been all month. However as soon as we arrived in town, the weather on the ground and in the forecast declined steadily. To be fair, it was never more than a light rain the whole time we were there.

Keelung is an old port city. It is grubby looking and very dense. The market area was very lively to start with, with Chinese New Year coming up, it was particularly festive. There was a cruise ship in the port. I wondered how the passengers liked Keelung.

The second day we had a quick tour of the nearby sites.

1. Yehliu Geological Park, unusual rock formations on a cape
2. Jinguashi, an old Japanese mining site, now a park
3. Jiufen, an old hilly mining town, now a shopping arcade

This old Art Deco building, Harbor Mansion, across from Keelung Station looks a bit worn out, but still grand.

The night market gets going.

New Year treats at the night market.



Very cool formations at Yehliu.

The so-called Prince's Chalet in Jinguashi; built for a visit by Crown Prince Hirohito which never happened.
Prince's Chalet - Jinguashi, Taiwan

Back of the Prince's Chalet, complete with miniature golf course.
Prince's Chalet - Jinguashi, Taiwan

View from Jinguashi.
View - Jinguashi, Taiwan

Famous taro soup stall on the Jinshan shopping street in Juifen.
Famous Taro Soup - Juifen, Taiwan

View back to Keelung from Juifen.
View from Juifen, Taiwan

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Crash Eddy said...

You appear to be back at the N end of Taiwan. Somehow, I missed your travel from Taroko. No grass grows under your feet, for sure.