Monday, January 09, 2012

Fencihu-Ruili Old Trail

First full day in Alishan, we hiked the much hyped Fencihu-Ruili Old Trail, which had been used by villagers to get around for hundred of years. The trail goes 7.5km through lush bamboo and cedar forests; first quarter up, 2nd quarter flat, 2nd half down. Ruili being 300m lower than Fencihu, coming back was much more work. The trail is lovingly tended. It was a beautiful day. Being a Wednesday we did not come across any other hikers. We had views to some of the highest peaks (2000-3000m) on the island. My expectations were high to begin with and it turned out to be an even more wonderful hike.

The view West as we ascend out of Fenqihu.
View from Rueli-Fenqihu Trail - Fenqihu, Taiwan

View to the higher peaks of Alishan and Yushan.
View from Rueli-Fenqihu Trail - Fenqihu, Taiwan

View from Rueli-Fenqihu Trail - Fenqihu, Taiwan

Sun-Ling descends through the bamboo plantation.
Rueli-Fenqihu Trail - Fenqihu, Taiwan

Tea plantations near Ruili.
Rueli-Fenqihu Trail - Fenqihu, Taiwan

At the Ruili Trailhead - halfway done.
Ruili Trailhead - Ruili-Fenqihu Trail - Fenqihu, Taiwan

John in the bamboo on the steep ascent out of Ruili.
Ruili-Fenqihu Trail - Fenqihu, Taiwan

The sun came out as we hit Sunset Point and a long comfy bench inspired this upward view.
Sunset Point - Rueli-Fenqihu Trail - Fenqihu, Taiwan

Sun-Ling descends the so-called Thief Trail into Fenqihu.
Rueli-Fenqihu Trail - Fenqihu, Taiwan

This map, with Ruili at top and Fencihu at bottom, was signposted at many spots on the trail.
Map - Ruili Rueli to Fenqihu Fenchihu Fencihu Historic Trail - Fenqihu, Alishan,Taiwan

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