Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Touring around Changhua: Changhua

Staying near the Changhua train station turned out to be a real good base. One day we walked around Changhua, one day we day-tripped to Taichung, and one day we did Lugang.

Changhua is known for its giant concrete Buddha. While it lacks the history and serenity of the Kamakura Buddha, it makes up in its festival atmosphere during our visit on New Years Day. Families, friends, people young and old were enjoying an outing to the surrounding hills and temple. Not to mention the busking saxophone duo.

However the true gem of the city is the Changhua Roundhouse, officially known as the Changhua Fan-Shaped Depot. Visitors are allowed to inspect the cool mechanism of this working garage. John noted that all the visiting boys as all ages were significantly more excited than the accompanying girls.

The festive atmosphere around the Giant Buddha.
Giant Buddha - Changhua, Taiwan

Sun-Ling approaches Dafo the Giant Buddha who sits on a lotus flower.
Giant Buddha - Changhua, Taiwan

The Giant Buddha looks out over Changhua to the sea beyond.
Giant Buddha - Chunghua, Taiwan

The Fan-Shaped Depot.
Changhua Roundhouse (Fan-Shaped Depot) - Changhua, Taiwan

Changhua Roundhouse (Fan-Shaped Depot) - Changhua, Taiwan

As an added bonus, Changhua has an old cinema, built in the 1930's and currently under renovation.
Old Cinema - Chunghua, Taiwan

And finally, another photo of the Changhua Vegetarian Restaurant. Great food! Nice folks!
Changhua Vegetarian Restaurant - Changhua, Taiwan

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