Monday, February 14, 2011

Patagonia summer - my coldest winter

Actually, it is not that cold. It just that every hotel room we have been in has a radiator that gets turned on at least at night or all day. It puts out more heat than our heat pumps in Raleigh. Maybe the title of this port should be "the warmest winter I ever spent was a summer in Patagonia". I hate to think what real winters are like here. Yet the days are long. Every day we go to bed at or before dusk, and the sun is already above the horizon when we get up.

Weather here is highly variable. It can be anywhere between sunny and hot to rainy and cold. But we can always bet on wind, the strongest we have experienced. Throughout the day we are always putting on and taking off our wool hats, fleece jackets, windbreakers, and sometimes rain pants, a million times. The wind makes my nose run, but we have managed to stay healthy -- knock on wood.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Sun-Ling & John,

This is XUAN-FANG from Taiwan, and we met in Peru.

Your blog are very good and well-maintained. I think you put a lot of effort and works.

Good luck!
I didn´t expect you left Peru eariler than me...XD

Sun-Ling said...

Xuan-fang, great hearing from you! It is a lot of work keeping up with the blog while traveling, but there are two of us sharing the work and we get a lot of encouragements from family and friends, old and new, like you!

We loved Peru, much more than I had expected. We are going back to Peru in April for another 3 to 4 weeks, including Machu Pichu. We'll see how we like Peru then :)

Travel on!

Anonymous said...

Peru is also my favorite till now.
I saw tour post that you were in Punta Arenas.
I am in ushuaia now, and waiting for Antarctic cruise which depart on Feb 18.
Maybe we have chance to meet up...XD
I would like to hear about your new stories...

Bueno Viaje

Sun-Ling said...


We read your comment as we reached our hotel after our Ushuaia - Bue nos Aires flight :( I hope you are heading this way too. We will be in the area for about two weeks.