Tuesday, November 27, 2012

To Tulum

After two flights, including a dash-for-the-gate in Atlanta, and two easy bus rides, we arrived in Tulum, Mexico about 4PM local time. The dash in Atlanta left us wondering if our luggage had made the connection, but no worries, both bags came out on the carousel in Cancun.

A layover between buses in Playa del Carmen was just long enough to wander down to the beach and gaze over at Cozumel and watch the ferry unload. A busy place!

It took longer than expected to find a room in Tulum, many places were full, but we are established at very nice place, had a couple of plates of veggie antojitos for dinner, and are finishing our daily chores.

Hasta luego!


Crash Eddy said...

Thanks for your SAC post. Safety first!

I fired up GM to see where you are. What's this? http://goo.gl/maps/m5bRN
A ruin or a dog track?

Kathy said...

Bon voyage! (Sorry, wrong language.)

Have fun, look forward to reading about it. I'm winding down, have 6:00 am bus (!) from San Martin to Pucon on Friday, and then Valparaiso, Santiago and home.

john said...


We are not located near this place, but comparing it to what I've seen on the ground, this "dog track" is most likely just city streets with no buildings; maybe a planned development gone belly up.