Thursday, November 22, 2012

Working on the itinerary

I have been consumed with trip planning since we bought the plane tickets.

As always we have more crazy ambitions than slotted time.  Luckily we killed our going-to-Cuba-illegally pretty early on.  We are now down to Mexico, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, bagging a whole of four new countries, which would have made me gloat in the old days.

The US State Department has been surprisingly helpful.  Normally we regard their travel warnings with disdain.  However, this time they saved us a TON of time and agony of prioritization.  We will only be visiting and revisiting the 13 out of the 14 states (no Baja for us) that bear no travel advisories.   I have always loved everything about Mexico.  I hope I am not disappointed this time, expectations, expectations....



Dayle In NC said...

Que tengan buen viaje amigos! Hey, you know that the travel bug has bitten me and I'm itching to go abroad... Is your itinerary posted? Perhaps we could meet up somewhere -- it would be a brief trip for me, but the thought of a rendezvous con ustedes en Mexico me fascina.

Sun-Ling said...

Dayle, eso me encanta!

Here is our tentative itinerary

Dayle In NC said...

Gracias! Que interesante tu itinerario! Si me voy a Mexico, voy en Febrero. Me encantaria visitar Queretaro -- es la ciudad donde vive la mama de Javier (esposo de Cristina en Raleigh). Muchas veces me invitaba ir alla con el a pasar la Navidad, pero nunca fui. :-( San Miquel de Allende me interesa tambien. He visitado D.F., pero claro que si, siempre hay mucho hacer alla, como en Nueva York. SueƱo en un gran viaje esta noche. :-)

Glad you both arrived safely (and with luggage, too). I'll be thinking more about a short trip to Mexico in the days to come. I really would love to find a way to come down and meet up with you two.