Thursday, February 21, 2013

Irapuato y Salamanca

A change for us; we were met at the bus station in Irapuato by Luis, a friend of my cousin, and we stayed in his "extra room" for two nights.

Downtown Irapuato was quite lively on Friday night: a fountain show (see video below), music, and dancers. On Saturday we first checked out the ruins at Peralta, then on to downtown Salamanca which was pretty dead, but the Templo de San Juan was spectacular.

Many thanks to Luis for having us and to Steve V for recommending Templo de San Juan!

Downtown Irapuato with churches and fountains.
Irapuato, Mexico

Irapuato, Mexico

At the Peralta Ruins: Luis, Sun-Ling, John, and Abelardo.
Peralta Ruinas - near Irapuato, Mexico

Some shots from the sumptuous and sophisticated Templo y Convento Agustino de San Juan de Sahagun in Salamanca. Simply awesome! Check out the crowns in the bottom shot.
Irapuato, Mexico

Salamanca, Mexico


Crash Eddy said...

Irapuato video is "private" I can't view it.

john said...

Crash - thanks! It's now public.