Tuesday, March 17, 2015

On to China and The Great Firewall.

We are at the airport in Chiang Mai, Thailand waiting for our flight to Hangzhou, China. We'll be in China for 7 weeks and blogging may be sparse as flickr, gmail, and blogger, our main tools, are all blocked by the Chinese government. Not to mention that wikipedia, facebook, and imdb are also blocked.

Hopefully we'll find a way around the GFW and posting will continue. Stay tuned and please be patient with any "test" posts that may come your way.

We also want to send a big "GET WELL SOON" to Crash Eddy one of our regular readers and commenters. Ed, we miss you!

-john and sun-ling


Kathy said...

Will a VPN help with the firewall? I use witopia.

Sorry to hear Eddy is sick.

john said...

Kathy - thanks for the tip. I'm currently using ultrasurf to get around the GFW....Crash Eddy is home from the hospital. Hope to see him in this space soon.

Crash Eddy said...

Thanks for thinking of me so publically. I was discharged March 17 to home and been here since. Weak and visiting LifeTime Fitness to build strength.