Friday, March 20, 2015

To China - Chiang Mai to Hangzhou

To China - Chiang Mai to Hangzhou: Our last "to-do"  in Chiang Mai was to eat one more bowl  of Chiang Mai's signature dish, Khao Soi, curried egg noodles, before heading to the airport.

Well actually our last to-do was get a photo of ourselves in full travel gear. 

Checkin and departure at the Chiang Mai airport were easy. AirAsia gave us a free upgrade to exit row seats, and we arrived on time in Hangzhou, China to a light rain and temps in the 60's F, no lines at immigration, our one checked bag was on the carousel in minutes, and the smiling face of Sun-Ling's uncle was waiting to drive us to his home.

We had a full day to do some walking in Hangzhou, but first it's to the Police Station as all aliens staying in private homes must register with the local police within 24 hours of arrival. Wrong station, we only do resident aliens here. Then on to station number two where we are duly registered for a 60-day stay.

In the Police Station.

The four of us in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou is very lush and scenic, and famous for Dragon Well Tea and West Lake.




After the tea plantations we walked along a canal and path that used to take pilgrims from West Lake to Lin Yin Buddhist Temple.



Kathy said...

Good to see you made it, and are able to post at least so far!

That is one big pack John is schleping.

john said...

Kathy, Yes I was able to make a few posts via "email" from Hotmail (not blocked) but just today have found a VPN that works and am able to respond to blog comments...My pack is bulging to capacity for sure and weighed in at 18kgs at the airport. ;-)

Liz said...

Awesome pics of the tea plantation.