Monday, March 23, 2015

Shanghai - The Wedding Banquet

Shanghai - The Wedding Banquet: For months, the March 21 wedding banquet of Sun-Ling's cousin Jin Jin has been a milestone on our calendar. Now we are in Shanghai with only 2 days to prepare. Haircuts, cash, Internet access, appropriate attire for a wedding are all the must-do list.

John gets a haircut.

Sun-Ling works to get through the Great Firewall.

We are staying with Sun-Ling's grandmother who is 95 yo. It's my job to wheel her to the hair dresser the morning of the wedding.



The wedding.




Kathy said...

Wow, grandmother is in great shape!

Much prefer the red dress...

john said...

Kathy, There was also a light blue dress between the white dress and the red dress. ;-)

Liz said...

The brides off the shoulder wedding dress is very pretty. Nice family pic.