Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sister's Rice Festival

We spent the last six days in Guizhou Province in Taijiang City and Shidong Village enjoying the Sister's Rice Festival of the Miao people.

The festival has evolved over the years and has a modern touch to it. Nevertheless it feels authentic. The pride the locals take is evident. The costumes are simply fantastic.

Highlights were the Opening Ceremony Parade with singers, dancers, water buffalo, and traditonal costumes; the Dragon Lantern Dance where 20 meter long paper dragons are set on fire with fireworks amid a crazed throng of spectators; Dragon Boat Race with lucky ducks hung off the bows of the boats amid firecracker smoke and mijiu (rice wine) drinking oarsmen.

Young Miao women in traditional costume with loads of silver.
Silver! - Sister's Rice Festival - Taijiang, China

The Dragon Lantern Dance.
Dragon Lantern Dance - Sister's Meal Festival - Taijiang, Guizhou

Dragon Boat Race - Sister's Rice Festival - Guizhou, China

More photos from Guizhouclick here.

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