Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Vegetarian and the Water Buffalo

You would think that a water buffalo and vegetarian could become good friends. But no. The water buffalo in the left foreground below, head butted me in the side of my left knee just a few seconds after I took the pic. Ouch! He knocked me on my butt, dirtied my clothes, and left me scratching my head. Three days later my knee is still a bit tender and Sun-Ling is keeping a watchful eye on me.

Li River - Between Yangdi and Xingping, China

A few more photos from the Yangdi to Xingping hike which crosses the Li River three times. The third crossing is at the famous Nine Horses Mountain.

Looking downstream.
Li River - Between Yangdi and Xingping, China

Nine Horses Mountain
Nine Horses Hill

Just the two of us.
Week 15 - Li River - Between Yangdi and Xingping, China


Anonymous said...

good to see you both online. very nice pictures. i also remember seeing your older travel pictures with SL sipping coffee and enjoying the views.

Anonymous said...

Great picture of you two! Johnny-please stay away from large animals:) Happy Birthday to Sun Ling!