Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We arrived in Zhenyuan immediately following Sisters' Rice Festival. Zhenyuan seemed like the opposite from the festival: plenty of comfortable lodging, quiet, beautiful setting...

We decided to stay for a few days, while Sun-Ling tried to sleep off her cold.

Sun-Ling resting on our hotel room's balcony. That's an historic group of temples across the way.
Zhenyuan, China

Sun-ling not resting but walking along the old city wall, refered to locally as the Miao Great Wall of China.
Miao Great Wall - Zhenyuan, China

The old quarter in foreground and newer, but still old, quarter at back.
Zhenyuan, China

The old bridge on a foggy morning.
Foggy Morning - Zhenyuan, China

Shrine to Grandfather Earth.
Shrine for “Grandfather Earth” - Zhenyuan, China


Anonymous said...

This is amazing. Are you two back to home in Raleigh now?

Look forward to seeing you soon!

john said...

We arrived in Raleigh 2 days ago. See ya soon.