Friday, September 17, 2010

I LOVE Cartagena

I love places on the water, surrounded by water. I love balconies and courtyards. I love interesting old buildings. By all indications I should like Cartagena. For trip preparation we watched "Love In the Time of Cholera" which was filmed on location.

This is our third day here and Cartagena has exceeded my expectations. It has the MOST beautiful historical center I have ever visited with many well maintained or restored colonial buildings; patios and balconies overflow with tropical plants. The locals are lovely; relaxed yet hard working. There are a good number of tourists here, but it's not overrun. Very lively.

The downside is that it is VERY hot and sticky here. There is an ocean breeze so it is not muggy. The direct result is that we sweat by the buckets.

City Wall

Convento Santo Domingo

Clock Tower and Square

Hotel Room Balcony


Kathy said...

Good to see that you've started! Cartagena sounds great, but maybe I should check for a cooler time of year before visiting. Bon voyage.

Susan in Florida said...

The next best thing to traveling the world is to have friends that travel the world. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.