Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Spanish is bad

That is to say I have some Spanish. All the months I have been studying I have avoided speaking. I hate to do things not well. But in order to get shelter and food for us, I am forced to come out with atrocious Spanish. As I suspected all along, people have no trouble discerning my meanings. I rarely have to repeat myself, sparing everyone of my awful Spanish. Discerning what I get back is another matter. Beyond simple numbers and positive/negative answers, I am pretty pathetic.

I am continuing with my lessons and studying. I didn't bring along any English books to read, only a few audio books, so I can concentrate on Spanish. I am working towards "My Spanish is not so bad."

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Kathy said...

Good luck! I have exactly the same problem with French, which supposedly I learnt in school. I say something which obviously makes sense to the listener, and then I get a flood of French back which I totally don't understand.