Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am amazed by the weather in VDL

Villa de Leyva is at 5.6 degrees North and 7200 feet above sea level. For reference, the highest point on the east coast, Mount Michell is just under 7000 feet. We are both doing well with the altitude, no headaches or sleepless nights. The only problem I have is when we go hiking up the hills, our "family mule" has to haul the pack the whole way up.

What took me by surprise is how cool the weather is here, considering close we are to the equator. Daytime high is around 70. We are wearing our fleece jackets in the mornings and evenings. At night we sleep under a heavy blanket. In fact, on the third day the maid added a second blanket on the bed. We were not too hot.

Tomorrow we are going to Tunja, another 1700 feet higher, 38 km away. I hope we don't freeze. Stay tuned.

The Family Mule taking a break on the old road to Tunja.
John - On the old road to Tunja, Colombia


Susan in Florida said...

John is the family mule?
Such beauty! It is soooooo cool that y'all are doing this and sharing with us.
I almost feel that I'm there with you. I need to go for a hike to get winded. :-)

Sun-Ling said...

Yes, John is the family mule. That's why I always bring him along, except the mule takes a lot of feeding all the time.