Monday, September 20, 2010


Mompox is a tiny town that comes with high credentials: UNESCO World Heritage and movie location for Chronicle of a Death Foretold. John and I had read the book quite a few years ago, reviewed the notes, and watched the movie in Spanish right before we left. I was really charmed by the movie.

Unlike Cartagena, I was a little underwhelmed by Mompox initially. While it is not as gleaming as the movie, the town is special in many ways.

1. The town seems to be surrounded by water. Our "direct" bus from Cartagena had to take a 30-minute ferry across a river or rivers, plus another 40-minute drive through swamps to get here. It looks like we can leave by hiring either a 2-hour boat or a car through the swamps for 2 hours.

Ferry (before loading)

Mompox waterfront

2. The colonial buildings are a little run down, picturesque nonetheless.





3. It seems like we are staying in the best room (#10)in the best hotel(Hostal Doña Manuela)in town; something that never seems to happen to us.

Hotel Pool

Room #10


Fast Eddy said...

#10 looks like the wedding suite, very comfy. Mompox certainly doesn't look as prosperous as Cartagena, you'll get closer to the land and the people.

Sun-Ling said...

Now I realize that Mompox itself is not so much a destination as the journey getting there and getting out of there.